Guns and Heels | Crime in our beautiful country

Continually rises and owning a firearm is becoming a necessity. Crime, particularly crimes committed against women, like rape, assault and domestic abuse are unfortunately becoming very prevalent and stories about violence against women are saturating our newspapers.. Self-defence and firearm safety, in order to protect oneself and one’s family, has become an absolute requisite, especially in today's charged climate. But what can women do to protect themselves and their children? Contrary to popular belief, women are perfectly capable of effectively carrying and using firearms and, with violent crime on the rise, the use of firearms are becoming absolutely essential.

Crime stats, particularly sex crimes in South Africa are shocking. In 1998, one in three out of 4000 women questioned in Johannesburg have been raped. The freedom to live one’s life without fear is one of the most important aspects for every human being and it’s enshrined in our constitution.
For this exact reason, we decided to take a group of eager women down to a shooting range to teach them the basics of firearm training and the safety measures behind it. The ladies were trained with a wide variety of pistols, big and small, in order for them to understand the impact each one has.

At the end of this training session, we as a team felt that, in some small way, we had instilled some kind of knowledge and power into these women, who can now either decide to learn more about firearms or just live knowing that they know how to handle a pistol in a dangerous situation.